Album Review: Archons – Lords of Light and Thunder (Self Released)

On October 20th 2017, sludgy space metal band Archons will release their new album Lords Of Light and Thunder!

Archons 1

The other-worldly swampy sound of Galaxians is as heavy as it is transcending. The dark & fulfilling groove mixed with spacey elements really getting in your head. The three-piece band are pulling out all the stops to make sure this is an album that you’ll be telling everyone you know to check out.

Tracks like Black Lotus, Red Shift Demon & Dr Pain have such a dirty crunch & beat to them. It’s sludge, but not as you know it thanks to the imaginative elements added that mutate it. The excitement felt at the start of every song will tell you just how much of an impact Lords of Light and Thunder is having on you.

That impact is deepened by the futuristic effects that begin the 9+ minute epic of the title track. What then follows are huge meaty riffs, echoing bass & a nice doomy groove. A hell of a song.

The tempo is then increased for a more traditional sounding metal track with Kid Nitro throwing out plenty of hard-hitting riffs & an exciting solo before Creature finishes things off on a high. With booming rhythm dredged up from the depths of a distant planet’s version of a swamp, it coils around the mind like a filthy snake.

Archons 2

Archons – Lords of Light And Thunder Full Track Listing:

1. Galaxians
2. Black Lotus
3. Red Shift Demon
4. Transmission
5. Dr Pain
6. Mysterians
7. Kid Nitro
8. Creature

Head over to Bandcamp to order the album & pick up earlier music. You can also order merchandise via their official website here. Keep up to date with all of Archon’s plans over on Facebook.


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Archons - Lords of Light and Thunder (Self Released)
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