Album Review: Aphrodite – Lust and War (Fighter Records)

Canadian speed metallers Aphrodite have inked a deal with Fighter Records for the release of their debut album “Lust And War”. The album is set for international release on July 9th, 2019 on CD and 12″ LP.

Founded in the second half of 2018, Aphrodite is the result of a collective effort between the creative minds of Ice War’s Jo Steel “Capitalicide” – who wrote the music -, Heidi Stockdale developed the lyrical concept which revolves around Greek Mythology, Yan Turbo from Colorsfade was brought in to craft and thicken the lead guitars, and after numerous tryouts with different vocalists, Tanza Speed – her trademark voice can be heard in other acts such as Demona or Outline – was the one chosen for the demanding task.

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It sounds sooooo old school! From the riffs to the speedy metal pace to the clean vocals, this is an album covered in the dust of yester-year. Inevitably that does make it sound dated though.

Aside from that, Lust and War is a banger…for the most part. It’s a little slow out of the blocks with Hades in the Night. A sub-standard track that seems to only do one thing which is ‘play fast’. Even the guitar solo just seems so by the numbers and lasts just a handful of seconds rendering it mostly pointless.

It’s a bad start aside from Tanza Speed’s exciting vocals but happily things do improve. Pandora’s Box Unleashed is much more exciting with a stronger set of riffs, a little bit of signature flair and actual catchiness!

Off and rolling now, a mix of guitar chaos and vocal order makes Ares, God of War and Lightning Crashed both stand out in a positive way. The vocals on the latter are particularly impressive going from almost spoken word to singing without missing a beat.

Having taken hold, it’s up to Penthaselia, Gorgon Medusa and Aphrodite, Queen of Lust to cement their position. Something Aphrodite do with relative ease thanks to a trio of tracks that see the speed metallers delivering a masterclass in old school heaviness.

Aphrodite cap off their efforts with the screech of guitars, chunky echo of bass and softer vocal style for Orpheus. A subdued final track but one not lacking in the band’s trademark powerful metal ways.

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Aphrodite – Lust and War Full Track Listing:

1. Hades in the Night
2. Pandora’s Box Unleashed
3. Ares, God of War
4. Lightning Crashed
5. Penthaselia
6. Gorgon Medusa
7. Aphrodite, Queen of Lust
8. Orpheus




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Aphrodite - Lust and War (Fighter Records)
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