Album Review: Aonair – Aonair Presents: Vol 1 (Aonair Records)

Aonair Records, an independent metal label in Ireland have release a compilation album. Their first stoner/doom/fuzz/desert/groove rock compilation of 13 bands from around the globe. Showcasing the labels favourite bands out there at moment.

In the label’s own words:

A Doom, Stoner, Down tuned, Dark, Heavy Fuzzy Tones album that taps into those dark vibes first unleashed on vinyl by Sabbath almost half a century ago. Now Aonair presents this new collection to bring you the finest Sabbath’s prodigal sons and daughters from around the globe.



If you want a taste of what is absolutely the cream of the down-tuned stoner/doom heavy music currently out there then this is a compilation for you. Aonair Records has amassed a stellar roster of names with 13 of them showcased here with a track each.

In the case of the likes of Orbital Junction and Duskwood, we’re already very familiar with their work. The former’s track ‘Space Cowboy’ and the latter’s Kenosha are bangers and two of the highlights of the compilation.

Although it’s not lacking in meaty, down-tuned fuzz heavyweights elsewhere. Parasol Caravan deliver a hell of a groovy number with Nemesis, Marlboro Men’s Gorgan’s Run has a nice 70’s psychedelic flair about it, Fostermother with Destroyers will set the teeth on edge such is the level of fuzz layered throughout it and The Spacelords deliver a massive 13+ minute spaced out oddity.

Just a selection of what can be enjoyed on an excellent compilation.

Aonair – Aonair Presents: Vol 1 Full Track Listing:

1. Orbital Junction – Space Highway
2. Hidden in the Basement – Blind Horde
3. Parasol Caravan – Nemesis
4. Carcaňo – The Jar
5. Marlboro Men – Grogan’s Run
6. King Mountain – The Tower
7. Paradise – Straight From Hell
8. Duskwood – Kenosha
9. Fostermother – Destroyers
10. Thirst Planet – Chain
11. Lunar Swamp – Shamanic Owl
12. Lowburn – Soaring High
13. The Spacelords – Spaceflowers



Aonair - Aonair Presents: Vol 1 (Aonair Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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