Album Review: Any Given Day – Limitless (Arising Empire)

Exploring themes of boundless potential and unbridled creativity, metalcore heavyweights Any Given Day are back with their new album ‘Limitless’, out on January 26th, 2024, via Arising Empire.

If you want just a small taste of what this album can deliver, then the opening track Get That Done is necessary listening. A track that introduces this album in the most impressive of ways, delivering blistering metalcore vitality, showcasing an anthemic chorus, and having a breakdown that embodies the word ‘gnarly’.

Any Given Day are back, and they continue to prove their creativity is limitless. The bar has been well and truly set, but this is an album of bar setting tracks as far as modern metalcore sounds go.

No further proof needed then the feverish heaviness of Unbreakable that, once again, proves to be evidently anthemic. The shift between brutal head-banging in the verses and big singalongs in the chorus is done very well here. Although the title track’s epic stance is nothing to complain about either, Any Given Day showing that this album is extremely light on filler.

Their mastery of melody and metal is second to none and how they balance both, staying true to metalcore expectations, and sounding fresh at the same time, is what keeps this album so hot. Experimenting with some Southern rock vibes, albeit twisted by heavier groove, in Come Whatever May, crashing and smashing as though the end of world is around the corner with Apocalypse, and knocking just about everyone on their asses with the devastating Shockwave.

This album is a constant slew of quality metalcore tracks, and it really does show just how on top of their game Any Given Day are, as quality metalcore is in abundance these days.

It’s why the continuation of emphatic heaviness and heartfelt melody continues to thrill with Best Time, My Way, H.A.T, and Broken Guardian. Though, be under no false illusions, there’s plenty of variety to be heard here too. Any Given Day’s imagination is out of control, and they consistently delight. As good as everything that came before on this album.

It does mean there’s a sense of sadness that it comes to an end with Shadow Walker, even if 40+ minutes of music is more than enough. The form that this band is on would lead you to believe that another half an hour, and no-one would be feeling bored.

End it must though, and with this finale, Any Given Day go out with a bang. Throwing their all into a distinctive example of their slamming groove-infused, massively melodic sound. A big finish, but that’s no surprise, and it ensures this album will live long in the memory.

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Any Given Day – Limitless Track Listing:

1. Get That Done
2. Unbreakable
3. Limitless
4. Come Whatever May
5. Apocalypse
6. Shockwave
7. Best Time
8. My Way
9. H.A.T
10. Broken Guardian
11. Shadow Walker


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Any Given Day - Limitless (Arising Empire)
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