Album Review: Antirope – Amnesia (Eclipse Records)

Antirope are an alternative doom metal band founded in Munich, Germany in 2015. It’s been a long time coming, but finally, on June 30th, they will release their debut album ‘Amnesia’ via Eclipse Records.

Combining alternative metal with doom, Antirope aim to get your attention with this debut release. An easy enough task when you get something so robust, moody, and dramatic as Is This the End? An anthemic song with grungy heaviness at the forefront. A strong start complimented by the following Black or Two. A track with more energy and groove to it. Here, Antirope show some of their rock stylings, with some progressive flair.

Dead Sun is a short, but extremely hooky track, Antirope going back to the 90s with this grunge-tinged, melodically powered doom hit. One that has cool sounding distortion, smooth vocals, a strong chorus, and an unexpected, but pleasing guitar solo. Whereas Beautiful Liar vibrates through the mind, body, and soul. Antirope unleashing an unsettling and mood-altering doom track that blends in wonderful alternative elements. Resulting in something that does sound impressively different from a lot that comes from the doomier genre. It’s extremely morose, but it’s also melodramatic, it’s hard not to not find it unbelievably addictive to listen to.

All this, and the album isn’t even halfway done yet.

It’s an exciting ride of alternative heavy groove and dramatic melodies with Ropes, Give Me More, Passenger, and Time Is a Killer. Across these four tracks, Antirope deepen the connection with the listener through a bevy of grand soundscapes, doomy depths, and passionate displays of alt-twisted rock and metal. There is an undeniable attraction to the overall moody sound that Antirope have and the more time spent in the company of this album, the more it grows.

So much so, that there is a sense of sadness as the end draws near. It’s been an extremely satisfying listen, with so much replay value, and it’s hard to say goodbye for now. The latter part of the album featuring the melodic drama, atmosphere, rock eccentricities of Everything You Are and the title track. Both are a powerful showcase of the vocals. Before along comes Utopia, the longest track on the album, to show off more of Antirope’s experimental and progressive side. A fascinating closer.

It’s been a long time coming and Antirope have made sure it counts. Clearly putting in an immense amount of effort to make Amnesia something quite special.

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Antirope – Amnesia Track Listing:

1. Is This the End?
2. Black Or Two
3. Dead Sun
4. Beautiful Liar
5. Ropes
6. Give Me More
7. Passenger
8. Time Is a Killer
9. Everything You Are
10. Amnesia
11. Utopia


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Antirope - Amnesia (Eclipse Records)
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