Album Review: Amorphis – Halo (Atomic Fire Records)

Over 30-years into their musical careers and with 13 albums already under their belt, Finnish melancholic progressive metallers Amorphis return with their 14th studio album. Called ‘Halo’, it will be released on February 11th, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records.

There are so many moments throughout Halo where you will just have to stop and marvel at what Amorphis have crafted here. Marvel at how, 14 albums in, they are still finding ways to excite and delight the senses. Halo is a masterful releases that captures everything wonderful about this band. From their touching and moving melodic side to their aggressive and heavy side to their wild and progressive side, Amorphis are still as imaginative as ever.

Need proof? Just hit play on this album and be transported to a colourful and challenging world that starts with the excellent Northwards. An opener that has heartfelt melancholy, impish melody, gut-punching heaviness, and some unexpected touches. Such as the prominent organ use. A brilliant start.

A tough track to follow but Amorphis are than up to the task as they produce On the Dark Waters. A track that goes from chunky groove with aggressive vocals to melodic technicality with clean singing so smoothly. Followed by the wicked riffs, captivating melodies, and weighty progressive pacing of The Moon.

Take a breath as Amorphis have started this album on fire and they’re about to throw even more fuel on it with Windmane and A New Land. The former has a behemoth sound with one of the darker, more energetic tones. The guitar solo in this track is particularly exceptional. Whereas the latter is a more straight-forward blast of melo-death infused head-bangery. Both stonkingly good tracks as is the norm on this album.

When the Gods Came calms things down momentarily with an intro that can simply be called imposing. When it does kick in, the rhythm takes hold and compels you to get those neck muscles working. There’s meatiness to this one but the keyboard melody lightens the load and the cleanly sung chorus lifts the soul.

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Still, not a track that can be even called middling and the duo of Seven Roads Come Together and War don’t change that. A pair of heavyweight offerings that feature a bevy of progressive heavy detail and thrilling melancholic-tinged melody. Then the title track showcases riffs that burn as though they’re crashing through the atmosphere and The Wolf is all about head-banging groove. Hot, heavy, aggressive but with all the endearing Amorphis touches that make each track more than the sum of their parts.

Finally, it’s My Name Is Night to call time on this banger release. A finale that features deep, emotive melodies, folkish atmosphere, a change up in vocals and the strong sense of an ending journey. A melodramatic finish that fits on an album that has its fair share of melodrama throughout.

Their 14th album and still they’re putting out stuff as good as this? All hail Amorphis.

Amorphis – Halo Full Track Listing:

1. Northwards
2. On the Dark Waters
3. The Moon
4. Windmane
5. A New Land
6. When the Gods Came
7. Seven Roads Come Together
8. War
9. Halo
10. The Wolf
11. My Name Is Night


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Amorphis - Halo (Atomic Fire Records)
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