Album Review: Ambassador – Care Vale (Self Released)

Ambassador is a post-punk fueled dark rock band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana whose second album, Care Vale, releases on September 18th 2020. Eluding the stale tropes of modern rock, Ambassador evoke a sense of maturity and sonic exploration. Their emotional and vulnerable music is rooted in post rock, alternative metal and Southern sludge. This unique blend of sounds has led to comparisons to bands like Russian Circles, Thrice, and even Depeche Mode.

A mish-mash of ideas, Ambassador are band that certainly sound like they shouldn’t work, yet their talents actually combine to create an ethereal and thrilling new album. Care Vale can take you soaring through the sky at some points while at others, you’ll find yourself dragged down deep into the sludgy quagmire.

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Regardless, the result is six-track album filled with all manner of post-rock oddities that thrill from the start to the end. From Colonial’s chunky finale to Voyager’s meandering tempo to the dreamy sludge heaviness of Subterfuge and Severant’s melodramatic journey. Care Vale is an album that delivers on its promise of sonic exploration.

Ambassador – Care Vale Full Track Listing:

1. Colonial
2. Voyager
3. Subterfuge
4. Care Vale
5. Severant
6. Spasma




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Ambassador - Care Vale (Self Released)
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