Album Review: Amaranthe – Manifest (Nuclear Blast)

Music has become more important than ever in recent times. As a result, the triumphant return of Amaranthe feels particularly timely. The Swedish six-piece have spent the last decade establishing themselves as a formidable, positive and fervently melodic force for metallic good. From their explosive self-titled debut in 2011 to the more sophisticated, streamlined likes of 2014’s ‘Massive Addictive’ and its immaculate follow-up ‘Maximalism’ (2016), Amaranthe have masterfully blurred the lines between melodic metal, crushing brutality, cinematic sweep and futuristic sparkle. Led by the endlessly ingenious songwriting of guitarist Olof Mörck and powerhouse vocalist Elize Ryd, their rise to prominence has been a joy to behold.

Widely acclaimed as a dazzling live act, the Swedes reached a new peak of creativity on 2018’s hugely successful ‘Helix’: an album that pushed the band’s vision to new heights, breadths and depths. Now, on October 2nd 2020, Amaranthe return with ‘Manifest’, their brand new album out via Nuclear Blast.

Bringing so much energy and so much positivity with their brand of crunchy heaviness and addictive melodies, Amaranthe come racing out of the gates with the banging sing along that is Fearless. Delivering ferocity alongside epic sounding choruses led by a fantastic array of vocals.

Before following that up with the stompy groove of Make It Better and the body-shaking ferocity of Scream My Name. Amaranthe proving in the first couple of tracks that they’re looking to lift the year that is 2020 out of the doldrums.

It’s hard not to constantly have a smile on the face as the heat is kept turned up throughout Viral, Adrenaline, Strong and The Game. In fact, it’s not until Crystalline that Amaranthe take their foot off the gas for a mellow and powerful epic. A welcome interruption as it is so damn attractive to hear.

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If it’s not your jam, fear not as the hard-hitting melodic metal hyperactive style that embodies most of this album is back for Archangel and BOOM! The latter having some of the most intense guitar riffing of the album. Something that is easy to overlook as the mind is well and truly distracted by the ‘rapping’ vocals.

Ending as strongly as they begun, Die and Wake Up and Do or Die don’t offer any surprises but at this stage, it’s hardly warranted. Instead Amaranthe spit out a pairing filled to the brim with strong examples of their grandiose melodic metal and it’s glorious.

Amaranthe – Manifest Full Track Listing:

1. Fearless
2. Make it Better
3. Scream My Name
4. Viral
5. Adrenaline
6. Strong
7. The Game
8. Crystalline
9. Archangel
10. BOOM!
11. Die and Wake Up
12. Do or Die


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Amaranthe - Manifest (Nuclear Blast)
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