Album Review: Alunah – Strange Machine (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Hailing from Sabbath City, Alunah continues to tread their own path in 2022. On April 15th, 2022 they will unleash their new album ‘Strange Machine’ via Heavy Psych Sounds.

Extolling the virtues of heavy rock with doomy undertones, Alunah proudly showcase the groove-infused path they are on with this new album. An album filled with soulful, passionate and head-banging tunes, Alunah would make Sabbath proud.

Speaking of hard rock groove with a tinge of doom, the title track sets the bar high early on. The band delivering energised instrumental rhythm and the vocals absolutely soaring. It’s an instant body-mover and shaker.

There’s plenty more to enjoy too.

Over the Hills is just as delightful sounding and has some of the album’s strongest riffs, Fade into Fantasy is a dreamlike slice of trippy melancholic melody and Broken Stone has a heaviness that just compels the head to bang. Alunah continuing to show that Strange Machine isn’t just a description, it’s a way of existing.

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With danceable guitar tones and those exceptional vocals, Psychedelic Expressway is another massive hit. Followed then by The Earth Spins, one of Alunah’s more eclectic offerings, as it sees the band start heavy, deliver a ton of groove and then get eerily melodic. Then along comes Silver to up the pace and provide a welcome injection of rock and roll energy. Before Teaching Carnal Sins gets sexy and sleazy, and Dead Woman Walking closes out this groover and shaker with one last uber-catchy highlight.

Alunah – Strange Machine Full Track Listing:

1. Strange Machine
2. Over the Hills
3. Fade into Fantasy
4. Broken Stone
5. Psychedelic Expressway
6. The Earth Spins
7. Silver
8. Teaching Carnal Sins
9. Dead Woman Walking


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Alunah - Strange Machine (Heavy Psych Sounds)
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