Album Review: Agrypnie – Metamorphosis (AOP Records)

Long before the well-known Avant-garde black metal institution Nocte Obducta parted ways, Torsten had originated Agrypnie – which was meant to be a solo project and refuge for his song ideas at first.

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After the breakup of Nocte Obducta, Agrypnie grew from a solo project to a serious band with several highly rated releases over the many years since. On July 30th, 2021 Agrypnie return with their newest opus. Called ‘Metamorphosis’, the hour-long album features new drummer Flo (Theotoxin) and guest vocals from Schammasch, Negator, Thormesis and The Cold Room.

A frenzy of extreme, sitting somewhere between black metal and death but with plenty of atmosphere layered throughout. Agrypnie have little to prove these days but still set out to ensure you know exactly why they’re so beloved in the underground.

Metamorphosis is an epic example of why Agrypnie are so important and time seems to be nothing but a number. The epic intro of Wir Ertrunkenen – Prolog that gets the blood pumping leads into Wir Ertrunkenen fully where Agrypnie explode with blistering vehemence.

It’s an opening pair that will warm the heart of every heavy metal fan ever.

The melodic intro of Verwüstung might cool things down momentarily but it’s not long before Agrypnie have upped the intensity. Which is complimented by the blackened aggression of Am Ende der Welt – Teil 1 afterwards.

The first of the four guest vocalists make their appearance on the extravagant 11+ minutes of Skulptur aus Eis. Where C.S.R of Schammasch adds a unique flavour to a track that is wild, far-reaching and varied.

A shorter (compared to many of the others) effort, the title track is a frenzy of metal to drop any pretences that Agrypnie aren’t, at their core, a dangerous metal beast. Before 3327 brings some calming melodies that build up to a frenetic showcase of heaviness and features the vocal talents of Steffen Bettenheimer of The Cold Room. Followed by the tumultuous black metal energy of Melatonin.

The latter part of the album features two more guest vocalist. The first, Nachtgarm of Negator, appearing amongst the evil, epic noise emanating from Untergang and the second, Travos of Thormesis appearing on post-infused substance that is Am Ende der Welt – Teil 2. Vocalists, like the previous two, that fit and enhance the tracks they’re part of well.

It’s a massive song, spanning all parts of Agrypnie’s sound but before the line can be drawn under this epic, Wir Ertrunkenen – Epilog ends things in chest-beating style. An unforgettable listen.

Agrypnie – Metamorphosis Full Track Listing:

1. Wir Ertrunkenen – Prolog
2. Wir Ertrunkenen
3. Verwüstung
4. Am Ende der Welt – Teil 1
5. Skulptur aus Eis (feat. C.S.R of Schammasch)
6. Metamorphosis
7. 3327 (feat. Steffen Bettenheimer of The Cold Room)
8. Melatonin
9. Untergang (feat. Nachtgarm of Negator)
10. Am Ende der Welt – Teil 2 (feat. Travos of Thormesis)
11. Wir Ertrunkenen – Epilog


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Agrypnie - Metamorphosis (AOP Records)
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