Album Review: Aexylium – Tales from This Land (Underground Symphony Records)

Tales from This Land is the debut album from Italian folk metal band, Aexylium. It was released on June 29th via Underground Symphony Records.

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Soft melody introduces Aexylium with Prelude to a Journey before bouncy and familiar folk metal takes over. It’s this style of upbeat and fast-paced rhythm that sees Black Flag’s wind instruments control Black Flag while the metal sits comfortably alongside ready to step forward into battle in an instant.

Into the Jaws of Fenrir shows off a bit more imagination with the folkish melody mixing well with catchy guitar riffs and harsh vocals. My Favourite Nightmare really brings the power metal side of Aexylium to the fore-front for an exciting, fast-paced tune.

The more aggressive vocal style returns for the groove of Banshee before Tales from Nowhere and Revive the Village take us away to mythical and wonderous places. The latter of the three is particularly great with its use of bagpipes and violins.

It’s not often that Italy produces folk metal, let alone folk metal that is this good so Aexylium should really stand out from the crowded metal market. A great debut ends in style with the uplifting and playful Radagast.

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Aexylium – Tales from This Land Full Track Listing:

1. Prelude to a Journey
2. Black Flag
3. Into the Jaws of Fenrir
4. Aexylium
5. My Favourite Nightmare
6. Banshee
7. Tales from Nowhere
8. Revive the Village
9. The Blind Crow
10. Judas’ Revenge
11. Radagast

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You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music below. Find out more about Aexylium by checking out their website, liking their Facebook Page and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.

Aexylium – Tales from This Land (Underground Symphony Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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