Album Review: ’77 – Bright Gloom (Century Media Records)

’77 are true enthusiasts of hard rock and will release their new album, Bright Gloom on the 27th April 2018 via Century Media Records.

“This time we didn’t want to overthink and just play what comes natural to us”, explains LG. “As we wanted to emphasise the concept of duality we came up with the album title, ‘Bright Gloom’.”

Bright Gloom 2

A thundering dose of garage-style hard rock, Bright Gloom sees ’77 build upon their early AC/DC comparisons to deliver a more complex record. Opener, Bread & Circus and the following Hands Up show this with some rocking riffs.

There’s a medley of styles and inspirations littered throughout too. Who’s Fighting Who gives off a Sabbath vibe while Where Have They Gone is reminiscent of a certain 90’s Seattle scene. Both tracks are delivered with aplomb and stand strongly on their own.

’77 provide old-school hard rock music that certainly lives up to the potential suggested during the early portions of the album. The bass bluesy effort of You Better Watch Out is brilliant, Last Chances foot-tapping country melody will stick in the head and I Want My Money Back is an upbeat little ditty.

The short, hyper and pointless Make Up Your Mind closes things out though. An odd one to finish on as it gives off far too much of a jam-session to really make any impression. A blemish on an otherwise quality piece of rock.

Bright Gloom 1

’77 – Bright Gloom Full Track Listing:

1. Bread & Circus
2. Hands Up
3. Who’s Fighting Who
4. Be Crucified
5. Where Have They Gone
6. It’s Near
7. You Better Watch Out
8. Fooled by Love
9. Last Chance
10. I Want My Money Back
11. Make Up Your Mind

You can order their music and merchandise via Big Cartel and the new album via Century Media Records here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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'77 - Bright Gloom (Century Media Records)
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