A Mouthful of Brrraaains: Winter Storm

In a new type of interview from GBHBL, melodic metal band Winter Storm are dropped into their very own zombie apocalypse! Will they survive?

The dead have risen and Winter Storm are in the studio. They’re clawing at the walls hungry for their brains.

1. What’s the weapon of choice to fight them off out of what’s in the studio?

John: The immediate defence is the Drum Room. A lot of studios have two heavy, lockable, soundproof doors behind which to hide. Failing that, should the doors breach, cymbal stands can always be disassembled and used as improvised coshes and cymbals can be used as a kind of death Frisbee.

Hannah: Haha that’s an amazing question. I would have to say probably just nuc the lot of them… Or if it’s too close for that; machine gun time.

2. Who in the band is A) The first victim? B) The hero who fights off the swarms while the others escape? C) The one who leaves the rest behind trying to escape?

John: A: Hannah, I think. I’m sure she’d agree haha! B: Wayne. He would have the perfect balance of empathy and pure rage in this situation. C: The producer would have legged it first, I reckon!

Hannah: That would probably be me. the other guys are pretty strong and some have done martial arts or are just hard asses so they would last a lot longer than me.

3. Free and on the run, where do you go?

John: If this is some kind of apocalypse, I’d like to chance it that the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden would put on one last production.

Hannah: Probably on a nice beach holiday after that to be honest haha.

4. You hear that there is a safe haven for UK rock and metal bands, it just means travelling across the country. Whose driving?

John: I’m the only one in the band who can’t drive, so as long as one of them gives me a lift it makes very little difference to me.

Hannah: Probably be me and then maybe Andy and Nathan. Failing that will ask our roadie, aka my dad.

5. You can only take a limited amount of food and drink, What has to come with?

John: The essentials, surely. That includes cheese. Cheese is an essential.

Hannah: Lots of water obviously. Some nutritional foods high in protein, vegetables and fibre. Maybe a little treat snack as well. I’m far too boring and practical for this interview question haha.

6. You break down along the way. A puncture and the dead are closing in. Who in the band (of who is left) loses it?

John: Hannah and Wayne but for different reasons.

Hannah: That would probably be me and Wayne to be fair lol.

7. You’re saved at the last minute by a group who offer to help in return for one last epic performance. Three songs, what do you choose to play?

John: This is practicality over sentiment, but I would tailor the set list to include the longest possible songs to permit us more time. I can think of a few songs around the 20-minute mark so that buys us an hour!

Hannah: That sounds like a plan. epic songs I would probably pick Iron Maiden rime of the ancient mariner, potentially an Opeth song like Ghost Of Perdition, then something by Symphony X, such as Iconoclast, from the Iconoclast album.

8. The sound of your playing draws in even more dead. There’s no escape. How do you go out?

John: Doing what we all love most – playing some heavy fucking metal!

Hannah: Just keep playing until I’m munched to death.

One of the UK’s finest melodic metal bands, Winter Storm, are back after a short break with their third full length album. Their latest offering, ‘Relapse in Time’, follows on from the story that began with their second album, a concept album, ‘Within The Frozen Design’. The story begins with the protagonist believing he is designing his own universe, but, as events unfold, it turns out it was all a coincidence and he spirals into madness. The story continues in “Relapse in Time’, where the protagonist awakens with no idea of where he is, in a strange land of deserted plains, and a Mars-like terrain.

‘Relapse In Time’ will be released at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on Friday 11th October and will be available on all digital platforms.

Upcoming Shows: 14/09/19 Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley, 05/10/19 Corporation, Sheffield (Aoniafest), 12/10/19 Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (Album Launch), 23/11/19 Percy’s Cafe Bar, Whitchurch, 10/04/20 The Dolls House, Abertillery (Dementia Aware Fest)


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