8 Action-Packed Casino Movies Shot in New Zealand

New Zealanders are well known for their unending love of gambling. And while the country boasts high-paying casinos, it is also famed as one of the top filming locations for the greatest action-packed casino movies ever.

Yes, that is right. Besides California and Nevada in the United States, New Zealand is a renowned filming ground for some of the best casino-themed action movies.

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1.   Casino Royale (2006)

With a name like Casino Royale, you can’t expect a movie to deliver anything less than astounding action and gambling-packed scenes. The movie was released in 2006, and its storyline features a secret agent, James Bond, who must defeat a formidable foe in a high-stakes poker game.

This and several other scenes are shot in Queenstown, New Zealand. Bond’s opponent is a powerful private banker who’s funding terrorist activities. Would you like to know if Bond wins the game? Add this thrilling flick to your next watchlist.

2.   Hook, Line, and Sinker (2011)

The Wellington South Coast is a sweetheart to many for various reasons. This region is infamous for its scenic views, enviable weather, and bohemian vibes. And if you love casinos and gambling, there’s one more reason to love this part of Kiwiland: Hook, Line, and Sinker movie.

This movie is based on PJ, a truck driver who loses his job due to failing eyesight. Luckily, the unfortunate protagonist wins a substantial amount of money at a casino, which changes his life… FOR THE WORSE! Can a plot twist get any better?

3.   Once Were Warriors (1994)

Once Were Warriors was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, and is one of the highest-grossing films in the country. This gritting drama follows the story of a Māori family wrestling with the challenges of living in urban New Zealand.

Although Once Were Warriors doesn’t revolve around casinos exclusively, it features an indispensable gambling-related scene. This scene’s primary objective is to showcase the stark contrast between the glamour and glitz that so many associate with casinos and the harsh realities that individuals like members of the Heke family daily. Check it out.

4.   The Frighteners (1996)

The Frightener is a supernatural comedy horror film. It was directed by Peter Jackson and primarily shot in Wellington. This movie tells the story of an architect who later becomes an exorcist and necromancer.

Where do casinos fit in all these, you wonder? In one of the flick’s blood-curdling scenes, Frank Bannister and his friends from the other side infiltrate a casino while trying to gather evidence against an other-worldly serial killer. If you are a fan of casino horror movies, The Frighteners will impress.

5.   Stickmen (2001)

Stickmen is a New Zealand film centered on comedy and drama. Its characters are mostly involved in underground pool hustling, a form of gambling that has existed since immemorial. However, this movie has a notable casino scene where the hustlers pursue their hustling endeavors in a glamorous casino. Watch it to find out where this bold move takes the protagonists.

6.   Separation City (2009)

Separation City is another amazing New Zealand flick ideal for casino enthusiasts who love comedy-drama films. In one of the scenes, a character called Simon attends a conference in a stylish casino. This scene depicts everything gamblers love about casinos- the slot machines, never-dying excitement, and flashing lights. It also provides a backdrop for several comedic and dramatic moments.

7.   Tracker (2010)

Set in 1903 New Zealand, Tracker is a Western-style thriller whose main premise revolves around seeking justice and redemption.

This movie has a few prominent gambling-related scenes. In one of them, the main characters must play a high-stakes card game in a remote outpost. Their tactics to outplay opponents add much-needed excitement and suspense to the film. Tracker will leave you with a new-found respect for adept gamblers.

8.   What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? (1999)

Are you looking for an emotion-filled movie to get lost in? Check out “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?”. This film is about a loving father struggling to save his son from seeking revenge for his brother, who was killed in a gang fight.

In one scene, the main character tries to escape his troubled past by visiting a local casino. Does he find reprieve and fortune? Find out by watching the movie today.

Ready to Watch These Flicks?

Check out the flicks listed here if you love movies that revolve around gambling or feature prominent casino scenes. You can stream most of them from reputable platforms in New Zealand. But be cautious. Streaming movies comes with numerous risks, including invasive ads and malware attacks. So, ensure every site you use is legit and has a solid reputation.

Note that some actions highlighted in the movies may never reflect what happens in a real-life casino environment. So, watch and take every lesson with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, enjoy the moments!


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