13 Days of Halloween – Horror Short Review: Happy Halloween (2020)

From Social House Films and directed by Aaron Fradkin comes the Halloween horror short, Happy Halloween.

We’re introduced to a young woman played by Victoria Fratz who is methodically carving out an eyehole on a pumpkin. She is interrupted by a knock at the door and when she answers she finds a person standing there wearing a bed sheet. It’s the classic ghost look and she is momentarily startled (mainly by the size of the person who is clearly not a child).

She goes to give some candy but finds that she has run out. She offers to run to the store to get some more if they will come back later. However, the bed-sheet covered person doesn’t respond, prompting her to close the door as politely as she possibly can.

Back inside, she seems a little creeped out which is made all the worse by a noise behind her. Turning around, she is greeted by 5 figures standing in her living room all wearing bed sheets. Unsurprisingly, she is a bit freaked out but that is made all the worse when 4 of the figures take their sheets off and reveal there is nothing underneath. It’s an excellent effect.

She opens the front door to run outside and is startled now by three actual trick or treaters who ask for candy. With no candy left, she reluctantly gives them money so they leave where she then sees the sheet-covered figure standing on the path to her house.

She stares at it, almost willing it to move, when suddenly the sheet is ripped off and nothing is there seemingly. Back inside, she grabs the carving knife from the pumpkin to defend herself but its too late.

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If you want to know what happens next check it out below.

It’s a fun little short, one that embodies the Halloween spirit and pays its creepy vibe off well. The sheet wearing figure is quite unsettling and what occurs at the end is effective. For just a couple of minutes, all involved have done a very good job.


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Happy Halloween (2020)
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