13 Days of Halloween: Horror Q&A: The Injester

Clowns, harlequins, jesters, and fools aplenty here – but you’ll find no buffoonery in this pantomime. Indeed, a circus of horrors that will delight the ears and disturb the eyes. Coulrophobic’s beware!

With tones encompassing the emerging sounds of the new world of metal in the 90s along with the established and fine tuned hooks and melodies in the nu-millennium. Meanwhile taking influence from a myriad artists including Faith No More, Earthtone9, Alice Cooper, and Ghost. This leaves the bands sound in the comfortably awkward crevice between heavy and melodic, industrial and nu, riff and core, emotional and raw. fresh yet seasoned, with a youthful energy and a wise craft and execution – seamlessly stitching and embracing the contrasts and dynamics of light and dark.

The Injester’s brand-new album, ‘A Spectacle to Behold’ will be released on October 28th, 2022.

Halloween Horror Q&A

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Morax (drummer) of The Injester

1. Happy Halloween! Tell us, what is your perfect Halloween night?

Well for us clowns it would have to be one full of mischievous behaviour, music and of course clowning! I think some trick or treat would be in the cards with hopefully people opting for the former so we can pull some of our special Injester skills out of our collective bags.

2. What is the perfect Halloween horror to put on?

It’s probably an obvious answer to say any form of “IT” film to put on as he is a fellow clown, even if Pennywise is most definitely a sewer clown. I don’t think we fall into the sewer clown category, but I could be wrong! Otherwise it’d be a nice old fashioned B movie with loads of gore and nice big jump scares. It’s the whole point after all.

3. In our best Ghostface voice – what’s your personal favourite scary movie and why?

It’s a bit tricky to type a reply in a Ghostface voice so your readers will have to do a bit of interaction here but the last scary movie that I saw was probably Hereditary. If you are yet to see it then I urge you to do so. It’s your traditional horror movie per se but it is absolutely worth checking out.

4. What’s your earliest memory of seeing a horror movie?

Blimey, this will be going back a bit but I think for me, it was probably watching The Omen perhaps? I remember the scene with the plate glass window coming off the back of the flatbed truck and seriously ruining that poor characters outfit. I also managed to spook myself later in life when I was living close to the Cathedral which was used in the films and that, on a cold misty night, was rather Eric to say the least.

5. Have you ever experienced something unusual or unexplainable in real life?

Yes, a few times. I’ve spent a lot of time in my youth in the backwaters of the country and local folklore and legend really do make your mind run and make you very impressionable to certain things and that can obviously lead to you thinking you’ve seen things. But in all honesty, yes. I don’t particularly believe in some factors of that “realm” for use of a word, but when you see someone walk along a field and then disappear into nothing, you certainly start to consider things otherwise!

6. What’s the best modern horror you’ve seen recently?

Other than the film I previously mentioned in your earlier question, I’d probably have to say that the best new film I’ve seen would have to be a bit of a choice of the left field variety, but Mandy was spectacular. From the story to the colour palette all the way to the insane soundtrack by the likes of King Crimson. I highly recommend checking it out right now. Lights off, volume up, fresh pantaloons and perhaps some newspapers down just incase. Also, it’s not your average Nicolas Cage film. Not a cheesy one liner to be seen anywhere. Ye-ha!

7. What is your favourite type of horror?

I think it’s fair to say I enjoy all sorts of horror, especially given what I do and who I am but the best sort of horror film would have to be perhaps a slow burner that just kicks your ass through your oversized clown pants right at the end. Don’t get me wrong, still live a silly slasher but you can’t beat your brain being boggled by a baffling baddie in a battle with your brain.

8. What’s a horror cliché that you just can’t stand?


9. Freddy, Michael or Jason? Who is your favourite and why?

Probably Michael Myers. He just doesn’t stop and really has it in for Jamie Lee-Curtis. I mean, that’s dedication for you.

10. 70s sleaze or 80s cheese. What’s your poison and why?

Probably have to go for 80’s cheese on that one. Can’t beat a bit of spandex.

11. Would you rather: spend a night in 112 Ocean Avenue (Amityville) or Hill House (The Haunting/The Haunting of Hill House)?

Probably Hill House. Loved all the dormant ghosts in that one. Very much enjoyed spotting them throughout.

12. Would you rather: ‘play a game’ (Saw) or be ‘shown such sights’ (Hellraiser)?

Oh shown the sights, definitely. A clown always needs new tricks for their audience.

13. Would you rather: have a good guy doll (Chucky) or an Annabelle doll (Annabelle/The Conjuring)?

Well I grew up with Chucky so him all the way, because let’s face it, he’s a total rotter in the end. Plus for someone who is inhabited by a baddie and is very wee, he does well! A really proactive murdering unit. I suppose one of his only downsides is the amount of AA’s he must get through on one of his stab-happy evenings. He must use rechargeable batteries or something.

14. Would you rather: be stuck in the Burkittsville, Maryland woods (Blair Witch) or stuck in the caves of the Appalachian Mountains (The Descent)?

Clowns live in all environments as we all know, but I think Maryland Woods would suit me the best. Plenty of room for activities.

15. Would you rather: be hunted by the Predator or by the Alien?

Wow, nice question and that’s a tricky choice. I think maybe The Predator, just because he would put in a bit more effort rather than just shooting his internal mouth thing into my grey matter. Plus he’s more of a sportsman so there would be room for manoeuvres so who knows, I may just cover myself in Skinface’s muck, hide in a ditch and outsmart him. Anyway, everyone knows clowns taste funny so old Preddy-Dreddy may not even finish the job. Arnie on the other hand, just so much tender meat. If The Predator had a half decent freezer, could see him through for months.

16. What character would you be in a traditional slasher movie (the nerd, the jock, the cheerleader, the final girl etc)?

Can I not be the one doing the slashing? I’ve often thought that there should be a film with The Injester in, that obviously doesn’t go down the rather tenuous route that the Lordi film went down, but something incredibly gritty, grimy and downright horrible to watch. Perhaps even give the Terrifier a run for its money. Film makers of the world, let’s get something done! But anyway to properly answer your question, yeah, the bad guy. Ha ha ha ha whoop whoop!!


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