13 Days of Halloween: Horror Q&A: exPorter

exPorter is a rock band hailing from Santa Barbara, CA. Fronted by brothers Destin  and Alec Cavazos (Bass, Vocals – Guitar, Vocals) and friend  Henry Kish on drums. Their debut album ‘NoBrakesNoBrakesNoBrakes’ was released on May 25th, 2022. 

Halloween Horror Q&A

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Destin (vocals & guitar) for exPorter

1. Happy Halloween! Tell us, what is your perfect Halloween night?

Going out for some drinks with friends (in costume of course!!) before heading back home for some spooky movies and candy.

2. What is the perfect Halloween horror to put on?

They’re all great but I think 1985’s Fright Night would probably take the cake. Awesome practical effects, a killer saxophone score, and some grade-a jump scares really make this movie, but Chris Sarandon’s smooth as silk vampire villain puts it all over the top.

3. In our best Ghostface voice – what’s your personal favourite scary movie and why?

It has to be the original Scream! It’s got those awesome 90’s vibes and is a great send-up of slashers while still being a pretty scary slasher itself. Love love love the opening scene, and I think Matthew Lillard makes one of the best horror villains of all time.

4. What’s your earliest memory of seeing a horror movie?

The Fly II on TV! Such a weird gross movie, I definitely was not inclined to watch more horror until maybe 6 or 7 years later.

5. Have you ever experienced something unusual or unexplainable in real life?

I used to live in New England, so yeah I’ve seen several spooky things happen. The weirdest was probably when I saw a wrench move itself across an entire table, up in the attic of some old house that was having an estate sale. Didn’t help that the attic was lined with decaying old stuffed animals and dolls.

6. What’s the best modern horror you’ve seen recently?

So it’s my opinion that we’re currently living through a new Horror Renaissance. People like Jordan Peele are really changing the game, and I think his movie Us is probably one of the best things to come out in the last 5 years. On the surface it’s just a creepy home invasion movie, but because it’s Jordan Peele he’s got to add layers to it. I think he did an excellent job giving us this really scary group of horror villains, but also making us reflect on what creates that threat of otherness in horror. It’s got such a great suspenseful atmosphere and all the dual performances just blow me away every time.

7. What is your favourite type of horror?

I’m pretty partial to a good slasher, I think it’s a time-tested formula. Naughty teens, masked killers, final girls: it’s all the same thing every time but I’ll keep coming back because it’s always a blast seeing kids get picked off one by one; and every now and then you’ll get something REALLY great, like Scream, or more recently Ti West’s X.

8. What’s a horror cliché that you just can’t stand?

When the killer just keeps coming back!!! There’s making a franchise and then there’s beating a dead horse and I think in some cases there’s definitely a better way to revisit iconic characters than just bringing them back with little to no explanation.

9. Freddy, Michael or Jason? Who is your favourite and why?

Freddy!! What good is killing people if you’re not able to fire off a couple witty lines when you do it?!? He’s easily got the most personality, the best style, and his razor glove is something that’s completely unique to him. No one else can match his vibes.

10. 70s sleaze or 80s cheese. What’s your poison and why?

80’s cheese, all the way!!!! The 80s were a magical era where anyone could make any horror movie they wanted, so obviously we ended up with some pretty trashy flicks, but we also got some of cinema’s best practical effects, and that iconic 80s aesthetic is soaked into every frame. I can’t get enough of it. Big hair and synth scores truly hold down the genre for me.

11. Would you rather: spend a night in 112 Ocean Avenue (Amityville) or Hill House (The Haunting/The Haunting of Hill House)?
Both are terrifying but I’d probably pick Hill House because most of the ghosts there are just like scary and not actually malevolent so while I’d be constantly getting spooked, no one’s trying to kill me or make me kill my family. Which is y’know ideal.

12. Would you rather: ‘play a game’ (Saw) or be ‘shown such sights’ (Hellraiser)?

I would probably immediately lose any Saw game so I’m going to go with Pinhead and his crew. There’s a really cool and casual vibe going on with the Hellraiser gang and I think their pain/pleasure philosophy is actually pretty progressive so I’d be interested to see what life’s like in Hellraiser world.

13. Would you rather: have a good guy doll (Chucky) or an Annabelle doll (Annabelle/The Conjuring)?

I’d take Chucky, because I feel like we’d get along if he decides I’m not the guy he’s after. We’re both short kings who like getting into a little bit of trouble. I could see us cruising around LA looking for a wild night.

14. Would you rather: be stuck in the Burkittsville, Maryland woods (Blair Witch) or stuck in the caves of the Appalachian Mountains (The Descent)?

Burkittsville Burkittsville Burkittsville DEAR GOD literally anywhere that isn’t a pitch black cave full of creepy goblin monsters. Hands down one of the most upsetting atmospheres of any horror movie ever.

15. Would you rather: be hunted by the Predator or by the Alien?

Tough call but I’d probably say Predator. There’s respect in getting killed by a Predator because they only hunt the best of the best. Plus they wouldn’t lay eggs in me.

16. What character would you be in a traditional slasher movie (the nerd, the jock, the cheerleader, the final girl etc)?

I’d definitely be the final girl, because I’ve seen enough horror movies to know the score, and I’ve got some pretty iconic jackets that to me just scream final girl wardrobe. Or maybe I’d even be the killer in the 3rd act twist!!!


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