13 Days of Halloween Horror Interview: Arran Pickering (Take Refuge)

As part of 2019’s 13 Days of Halloween, we here at Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life thought it would be fun to see if some of the bands and artists we love had any interest in horror. It turns out quite a lot do so we turned it into an interview.

1. First things first…introduce yourself please!

Hi! I’m Arran Pickering, Guitarist for Milton Keynes Metalcore band Take Refuge!

2. What are your top 3 favourite horror movies and why?

So my all time favourite will have to be the original Stephen King’s IT, my mum had it on video when I was a child…I used to watch it on repeat when I was around 8/9 years old. Number 2: Aliens because the first was amazing and this one had more aliens! Number 3 has to be Grave Encounters…It was actually scary and had a strange backstory with a nice twist.

3. Do you remember your first experience with horror? Was it at a young age?

My first experience was IT I used to make my babysitter put the video on for me! It used to scare the sh*t out of her! The first movie that actually scared me was Salem’s Lot, even to this day I’ve never watched it.

4. What era of horror is your favourite & why?

I do like modern horror, I love the way they use CGI to make the monsters look amazing.

5. What frightens or creeps you out in horror?

I think it would have to be bring trapped. Like I’d be no good if I was in a Jigsaw trap!

6. Who is your horror inspiration? Be it a director/actor/author etc.

Stephen King is the G.O.A.T.

7. Do you enjoy modern horror or do you look to the past for your fix?

There are good, bad and some damn ridiculous horror movies out there both old and new! I just go with the flow.

8. What horror movie is universally beloved that you just don’t like?

Is any horror movie universally beloved? Every one has its pros and cons.

9. If you could shoot one horror cliché/trope into the sun to never be used again. What would it be?

Zombies…so over used and there seems to be no rules about them at all, some are slow and mope around, others run at you like a bat out of hell!

10. Same question but about type/style. What type or style of horror would you happily never watch again?

Cheesy slasher movies! Scream can get in the bin!

11. What gets you excited when watching horror?

The suspense and psychological side.

12. Have you had any real life scary experiences? We’re talking supernatural or something that can’t be reasonably explained.

Not really, that I can think of…unrelated though, a guy minesweeping cans at a event drank a can of piss that someone had left on a wall!

Quickfire Questions

1. Favourite overall franchise (3 or more movies)?

Alien (but not the AVP movies, also Prometheus included).

2. Most memorable character death?

Saw. When the cop gets crushed in the room as the walls move in whilst the bad guy watches from below in a coffin that was a red herring.


3. Best horror twist?

To be honest I can’t think off the top of my head.

4. Favourite Stephen King book?


5. Best remake of a horror movie?


6. Worst remake of a horror movie?

Pet Sematary.

7. Favourite horror villain?


8. It’s Halloween night…you settle down with some popcorn to watch…what?


We’d like to thank Arran of Take Refuge for taking the time to speak with us. You can find our more about the band by checking out their Facebook Page here.