10 Quick Writing Games for Students and Teachers

Academic writing expert Lauren Bradshaw recently researched quick writing games for university or college students and teachers. These games do not require plenty of energy to set up and can be applied to students of all ages. Figuring them out is as easy as ordering answers for mymathlab.

The main goal is to improve the writing skills of students and according to Bradshaw, she said: “Substitute teachers who want to establish a connection with students or bring something fresh to the table can use writing games”. With the help of a professional essay writing service like CustomWritings.

1.   Stretching sentences game

In this game, academic writing services or tutors can give students a group of words to work with or some short sentences. These can be passed around to a group of between 6 – 8 students and the rule is each person has to add or remove a word to make the sentence make sense or more appealing.

2.   Rebus writing game

The second quick writing game that tutors and students can play together is called the rebus writing game. It is known by many names like picture riddles or picture puzzles because of its concept of incorporating pictures and words to convey meaning. To emerge victorious in this game according to essay services, students have to take their time and look at everything carefully. Things like color, word placement, and size all play an important role in getting it right while playing this game. With rebus writing, there is no limitation on what types of sentences can be made; all that matters is that each picture is used appropriately to make a complete thought. Rebus writing offers players endless possibilities for creative wordplay and strengthens their understanding of types of sentences in the same enjoyable format.

3.   In the bag

This game is very much self-explanatory and is one of those that have been around for many years. It is played all across the world and to successfully implement it, objects are placed in a bag out of the view of the students. Once that is done, the tutors will ask their students to feel the objects in the bag with their hands and explain what it feels like. It is as simple as that plus it’s a very good way to teach students about adjectives according to professional writing services.

4.   Touch and tell

This game is similar in concept to the one above, the only difference is the object is not in a bag. To play this, college or university tutors will give their students an object that they will pass around to each other. When that is done, the students will be asked to write adjectives that perfectly describe the object being passed around.

Another very easy game to play, and the object could be anything the tutor wants as long as it is safe. The last thing any tutor wants is to bring something that causes injuries to the students. Careful consideration is needed when it comes to picking the object but for the most part, many tutors are wise and always pick objects they know are safe to be around students as no college or university wants lawsuits on their hands.

5.   Verb draw

This quick little writing game involves pictures being placed in a box by the college or university tutors. The idea of this game is for the students to pick a picture at random from the box and come up with action verbs for what they have picked. This picture could be of a particular object, a person, or even an animal. To spice things up a bit or make the game more exciting and challenging, on top of verbs, students can be asked to come up with adverbs and adjectives too.

6.   Hot seat

This game is a bit complicated to play but very fun nevertheless as long as it is explained to students properly. In the hot seat, tutors will read a phrase, which can be from a story, and ask students to listen attentively. They will stop reading the story at a certain point and then ask students to pick a character from the story that was being read to them and write about what the character was feeling, thinking, or doing. This game teaches students how to grasp information quickly which is a good quality to have when they eventually start working.

7.   Change one word – change the meaning

In this game, students will be asked to locate a word in a sentence and then alter it to see if it changes the meaning of the overall text. Once a word is changed, they will share their versions of the sentence with their tutors to see which part of the text was crucial when it comes to changing the overall meaning.

8.   Locate and classify

In the located and classifying game, tutors will read a paragraph to their students and give them red and blue cards. They can write nouns on the red cards and adjectives on the blue ones or vice versa whichever way a student prefers.  Students can also be asked to locate verbs and adverbs which they can also write down on cards of different colors like green and yellow. It is a great way to teach students about adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and nouns at the same time.

9.   Grammar toss and sentence making

To play this game, one student needs to toss a ball and then write down a sentence they want with the correct punctuation. The game will carry on until a particular group of students creates up to 20 sentences on their paper. After that, the students will run and sit down because the group that gets their work done the quickest and has twenty correct sentences written down is declared the winner.

10.  Toss and write

Before beginning this game, tutors and students need to prepare a cube. On each face of the cube, tasks need to be written which will require grammar knowledge from the students. For example, the task can be, to provide an adverb and a noun, provide two verbs, make a question, construct a sentence, provide two adjectives, and more. Students will then select a subject from the tin and throw the cube. Whichever side the cubes land on or face, they will have to do that task.

Final thoughts

There are so many quick writing games out there that can be played during the semester or term but these 10 in this article are some of the most popular. The whole idea of playing these games is not just to educate students, but to make writing fun while they still improve. During the holidays, students can get in touch with various online writing services. As long as an online essay service is reliable, they will be more than happy to play some games above with students so that they can polish up their writing skills to produce better essays. Writing is a skill that goes under the radar, but it is a very important skill that makes students attractive candidates for many employers once they graduate.


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