10 Bands You Need to See at Damnation Festival 2018

Damnation Festival is a one-day heavy metal music festival currently held annually at the University of Leeds in Leeds, England. Becoming one of the premier one-day festivals not just in the UK but the world, this year’s line-up is one of the best ever. You can buy your tickets here.

Choosing just ten was a near-impossible task and we urge you spend as much time as you can running around to catch as much as you possibly can throughout the day. However if you’re feeling a bit lazy here are 10 that we think you must see.

Damnation Festival 2


10 – Vader

Damnation Festival 3

Legends of the death metal circuit, Vader aren’t just turning up at Damnation for a nostalgia run as their eleventh album, The Empire came out in 2016.

9 – Bong

Damnation Festival 4

The meditative and mystical drone of Bong’s music gives off the impression of teetering over the void, staring into infinite darkness lost in your own morality. On May 4th 2018 they released their new album after three years away. A new and momentous rite called Thought and Existence. Don’t miss Bong. You can read our review of their new album here.

8 – Saor

Damnation Festival 5


The avant-garde stylings of Saor, Scottish metal inspired by heritage, nature and traditional poetry is impressively captivating. Damnation attendees are in for an absolute treat!

7 – Batushka

Damnation Festival 6

This is going to be something special. Black metal that blends a mystical and religious sound to create a truly unique experience. Everyone who has heard or seen Batushka has found themselves drawn into their cult.

6 – Napalm Death

Damnation Festival 7

The grindcore legends never fail to impress. A guaranteed energetic experience for those who have never had the chance to see them while for regulars it will be a sure reminder of why they are kings of grind.

5 – Hundred Year Old Man

Damnation Festival 8

We here at GBHBL are massive fans of the post-metal band, Hundred Year Old Man. They have a hell of a year with the release of their excellent debut album, Breaching followed by a massive line-up change but have just grown in strength since. A excellent performance at Bloodstock 2018 shows a band on the up and up. You can read our review of Breaching here and check out our interview with them at Bloodstock 2018 below.

4 – A Forest of Stars

Damnation Festival 9

Mixing progressive metal with a darker and black metal based sound, A Forest of Stars are one of the more unique bands on the bill. They are an incredible experience live and are sure to bring everything they have to Damnation.

3 – Ghost Bath

Damnation Festival 10

Ghost Bath are a special band. Their brand of progressive, experimental post-black metal is transfixing in its quality. Their latest release, Starmourner was one of the best releases of the year and their live reputation is just growing and growing. You can check out our review of Starmourner here.

2 – MØL

Damnation Festival 11

Don’t let the shoegaze metal term that is attached to MØL put you off. They are one of the brightest lights in metal right now. Their latest album, Jord was released in April of 2018 and is a hefty contender to be number one on many people’s top lists come the end of the year. You can read our review of Jord here.

1 – Ihsahn

Damnation Festival 12

The Emperor frontman is bringing his solo work to Damnation this year and all we can think is how lucky those in attendance are. His latest solo album, Ámr is arguably his best work to date outside Emperor and his performance is a must see. You can read our review of Ámr here.

You can find out all your Damnation Festival info, the full line-up and buy tickets by going to their website!